Dr. Frasier Crane Kelsey Grammer Dr. Niles Crane David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane John Mahoney Daphne Moon Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle Peri Gilpin Eddie Moose

Occasional Characters:

Lilith Bebe Neuwirth Frederick    
Maris ----- Cafe Nervosa Waitress   Luck Hari
Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe Dan Butler Gil Chesterton Edward Hibbert
(ep. 152+)
Jane Adams Donny Douglas
(ep. 135+)
  Saul Rubinek
Bebe Glaser
(ep 9+)
  Harriet Sansom Harris Kenny
(ep. 120+)
  Tom McGowan
Noel Shempsky Patrick Kerr Kate Costas
(ep. 49 - 58)
  Mercedes Ruehl
Sherry Dempsey
(ep. 81 - 106)
Marsha Mason

Maureen Cutler
(ep. 68)

  Jane Kaczmarek

Celebrity callers:
(Below follows a list of the celebrities who have called in to Frasier's radio talk show)

Celebrity   Episode: Called in as: Problem
Brooke Adams   53 Marylin Lived in Wisconsin near Roz's cousin Billy Rayburn.
Marv Albert   74 Jerry  
Joan Allen   65 Lydia Was receiving obscene phone calls. Was afraid to answer her own phone.
Gillian Anderson   140 Jenny A flight attendant who lives with her boyfriend and has great sex, but he avoids the subject of marriage. Dr. Nora calls her a whore.
Kevin Bacon   33 Vic Says he is having trouble with women. He is turned over to Roz where she recognizes him as "I left my wallet at home so could you pick up the check, babe?"
Billy Barty   65 Chris Snuck into his neighbor's backyard and shovelled shrimp into the air conditioner.
David Benoit   91 Doug  
Halle Berry   111 Betsy Her husband wanted to take her on a cruise. Details of her recurring dream about water gushing into her cabin sent Roz rushing into the bathroom.
Matthew Broderick   49 Mark Liked to watch himself on the video camera at the mini-mart.
Mel Brooks   12 Tom Traumatized by the Christmas he found a dead puppy from Santa.
Blair Brown   50 Jill A girl on the other side of a glass had an important message for her, but she was unable to recieve it.
Cyd Charisse   55   Called in to the radio show when Frasier was filling in for the Happy Chef, saying he was out of cinnamon.
Jill Clayburgh   113 Marie She was having a hard time getting out of bed and when she did she was irritable for hours. Frasier suggested therapy, but Marie agreed with Dr. Clint Webber's opinion that she was hypoglycemic.
Rosemary Clooney   12 Gladys Fallen so many times they couldn't fit anymore pins in her hip.
Betty Comden   34 Linda She and her husband are lost, but he refuses to ask for directions.
Bob Costas   74 Jake Called for Bulldog, got Frasier instead and asked him a complicated basketball question.
Cindy Crawford   99 Dorothy Roz's manicurist. Dorothy got on air by mistake when Roz got confused as to which caller was on the line.
Billy Crystal   52 Jack A Bulldog fan who enjoyed the way the sports jock makes fun of Frasier.
Kieran Culkin   75 Jimmy Fourteen-year-old who thinks his parents are just like, "I dunno, really stupid."
Macaulay Culkin   35 Elliott After Frasier told him not to waste his time, Macaulay then explains his complaint is that people don't take him seriously because he has a young sounding voice. Frasier apologises. Macauly then gloats "Hah, gotcha doofus."
John Cusack   80 Greg First-year psychology student who was manifesting symptoms he was studying.
Beverly D'Angelo     Audrey Doesn't understand why she should fix the dress she ripped. Frasier: "Euripides, Eumenides."
Jeff Daniels   5 Doug Concerned that his mother doesn't do anything and hangs around the house all day.
Sandra Dee   30 Connie Found Seattle a depressing place.
Laura Dern   54 June Likes to listen in on stranger's conversations in restaurants.
Phil Donahue   132 Larry Sophie wants some of her girlfriends to come over on Super Bowl Sunday. Larry refuses unless Frasier can answer a football question.
David Duchovny   70 Tom Has sex with his girlfriend every moning and night and three times a day on weekends, but is not sure they have anything in common.
Patty Duke   84 Alice Depressed woman to whom Frasier related the story of Eddie's depression and treatment.
Dominick Dunne   12 Jeff Watching The Sound of Music was his cures for the holiday blues.
Griffin Dunne   1 Russell Depressed because he felt that his life was going nowhere.
Christopher Durang   75 Rudy Man who cries when he watches sad movies.
Shelley Duvall   48 Caroline  
Julius Erving   74 Mike Called for Bulldog, got Frasier instead and asked him what he thought of the damn Yankees then scoffed at Frasier's answers.
Gloria Estefan   160 Maria  
Carrie Fisher   49 Phyllis A late-night caller in the episode where Kate banishes Frasier and Roz to the late shift. She complained of insomnia at a time when Frasier had fallen asleep on the radio console. "If I don't get some sleep soon, I'll go crazy," she said. Frasier missed that thought, and wakes up suddenly. His counsel: "Things look better in the light of day. My advice is to sleep on it."
Jodie Foster   61 Marlene Said that if she and her husband didn't have sex within the next two days, she would go to a department store and pick up a stranger.
Art Garfunkel   32 Chester His wife feels as if he's wasting his life, marking time. Frasier asks him to call tomorrow and he says he will hang on the line until tomorrow ... he has nothing pressing to do.
Teri Garr   49 Nancy Told Frasier she was wearing nothing.
Eydie Gorme   23 Lois (with Steve Lawrence) They couldn't say "I love you" to each other.
Adolph Green   34 Walter She and her husband are lost, but he refuses to ask for directions.
Linda Hamiltion   1 Clare Broke up with her boyfriend and couldn't get over it.
Ed Harris   52 Rob Called to praise Bulldog. Bulldog called him a suck up, told him to shut up and soon after cut him off.
Patricia Hearst   23 Janice Couldn't break through a barrier with her in-laws.
Tommy Hilfiger   23 Robert  
Ron Howard   131 Stephen Hears people talking to him through his radio.
Tom Hulce   49 Keith A cop on his love for doughnuts.
Eric Idle   65 Chuck Put a hundred scorpions into a FedEx package.
Judith Ivey   4 Lorraine  
Bruno Kirby   7 Marco  
Robert Klein   6 Gary Sought marital advice. She wanted to go to Italy and he wanted to buy a sump pump.
Marsha Kramer   65 Anne  
Christine Lahti   22 Laura Lost all her hair from a bad perm.
Piper Laurie   13 Marianne  
Steve Lawrence   23 Howard (with Eddie Gorme) They couldn't say "I love you" to each other.
Timothy Leary   16 Hank  
Jay Leno   10 Don Complained that he couldn't lose weight, calling from the drive-in window at a fast-food restaurant.
Ray Liotta   57 Bob Called from the airport at Christmas time. Wasn't sure whether to go home and see his parents or to go to Maui instead.
John Lithgow   43 Madman Martinez Calls up in disguise of having a problem, but really only plugs his car dealership.
Patti LuPone   3 Pam Had a problem with her in-laws. They dropped over without calling.
Yo-Yo Ma   140 Tom Having a problem with a coworker and wants to know what he can do about it.
Willian H. Macy   131 Ralph Frasier changed Ralph's tire. Ralph calls to say he's going to sue Frasier for scratching the car with his cufflinks.
Amy Madigan   28 Maggie She went out with a guy twice and he sent her roses everyday. She listened to Roz and dumped him.
Henry Mancini   13 Al He hated his voice.
Joe Mantegna   4 Derek Mann Columnist who hated Frasier and challenged him to a fist fight.
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio   51 Eileen The woman who fantasized about Frasier while making love to her husband.
Armistead Maupin     Gerard Wanted to be friends with Frasier and offered to comb his hair.
Paul Mazursky   56 Vinne A womanizer who lost his pinkie ring, but didn't know where. Was hoping to use Frasier's show to find it.
Malcolm McDowell   19 Dr. Bruga  
John McEnroe   120 Patrick He wasn't sure if his wife was having an affair. Frasier suggested Patrick make her a romantic dinner that evening, but she was working late on her boss' boat again.
Reba McEntire   20 Rachel Her husband insisted on keeping an urn of his late wife's ashes on their bedroom dresser.
Isaac Mizrahi   160 Gabe  
Mary Tyler Moore   23 Marjorie Couldn't confront her boss.
Bess Myerson   109 Mary Spoke to Roz and said she was indecisive. Roz hung up on her.
Jerry Orbach   65 Mitch Had trouble with his neighbor and his leaf blower.
Jane Pauley   65 Anne She set someone's lawn on fire for not curbing their dog.
Rosie Perez   36 Francesca  
Sydney Pollack   31 Holden Thorpe A politician running for office who called in to say that America would be a much better place the day more people like Frasier were off the air and more pols like the caller were elected.
Faith Prince   63 Brandy Called and said her would-be hubby wasn't there for her, wouldn't let her work and was too quick in bed. I recalling their most recent post-sex conversation: "I said to him last night 'What the hell was that? I've been vaccinated slower.'"
Bonnie Raitt   140 Denise Nothing she ever does is good enough for her mother. Frasier suggests counseling. Dr. Nora says to cut her out of her life like a tumor.
Christopher Reeve   2 Leonard An agoraphobic who was afraid of large open spaces.
Carl Reiner   9 Roger Couldn't decide what to name his new cabin cruiser.
Rob Reiner   109 Bill Called with a bed-wetting problem. Roz juiced up his problem so he became a bed-wetting adulterer.
Eric Roberts   87 Chet Man who had called once before about low self- esteem. Now says people tell him he's arrogant and tells Frasier to get lost when he suggests that he may have taken his advice too far.
Carly Simon   36 Marie There's a forty-year-old man she would like to go out with, but he has never been married. She's calling from a pay phone.
Gary Sinise   42 Sid He is reading what he says to Frasier. He writes everything down before having a conversation with someone.
James Spader   25 Steven He and his wife are having a baby. Is it OK to let your kid climb into bed with you?
Mary Steenburgen   37 Marjorie  
Ben Stiller   12 Barry On Christmas, he couldn't stop crying to discuss his problem.
Eric Stoltz   12 Don  
Marlo Thomas   132 Sophie Sophie wants some of her girlfriends to come over on Super Bowl Sunday. Larry refuses unless Frasier can answer a football question.
Lily Tomlin   26 Rita Thinks she is losing her mind by raising four kids all by herself. Not enough time in the day for everything. She feels as if she is going to snap.
Randy Travis   63 "Man" Would binge then starve so he could fit into fancy evening gowns.
Garry Trudeau   23 Louis The KACL restaurant critic Gil Chesterton got his reservations at Maxamillians after he forgot it was his anniversary.
Eddie Van Halen   7 Hank Had a problem with his neighbor. Hank never told Frasier what his problem was, because he kept trying to hear himself over the radio.
John Waters   109 Roger  
Wendy Wasserstein   77 Linda  
JoBeth Williams   8 Danielle Before appearing as Madeline the sportswear entrepeneur who goes to Bora Bora with Frasier, the actress lent her voice as a Frenchwoman who was having problems with her "Mutheot".
Katarina Witt   65 Brenda She was having problems with her sister. Before she could go into detail she got another call and put Frasier on hold.
Elijah Wood   13 Ethan The kids at school beat him up because he was smart. He found Frasier's advice patronizing, simplistic and uninspired.
Alfre Woodard   30 Edna A depressed receptionist at a pest-control company.
Steve Young   23 Blake  
Pia Zadora   140 Jill Found out her husband is gay and wants a divorce. Dr. Nora says to make it work.

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